5 Essential Starter Marketing Materials For Your Small Business

July 1, 2019 By

We are no stranger to the success of printed marketing materials. As the world becomes more digital, physical materials like business cards become a personal experience. Having quality printed materials are one of the ways your company can stand out among the competition. If you’re on the fence, we can spell out a few reasons your business needs printed marketing materials in this blog post. As for the types of marketing materials, we have a few examples below that can get you started.


This one is probably the first example you think of! Business cards are a must. They are one of the most effective ways to get your info out there in a concise manner while also giving your own personal touch. The exchange of a business card shows preparedness and overall professionalism.


When someone receives a letter from your company, you will want it to look legitimate. That is why having letterhead and envelopes featuring your company name, logo, and info is so important. Recipients will then see how organized and detail-oriented your company is. They will also start to subconsciously recognize your name and iconography.


Walking into a meeting with loose papers doesn’t do a good job of showing your organization. When you meet with clients, you will want to showcase your information in a way that is organized and visually pleasing. The best solution for this is to use presentation folders. Folders are a great way to store your information neatly and leave your client a material to remember you by. Presentation folders often can be made with slots to insert your business card so the client has a place to keep everything important from your company in one place.


Tri-fold brochures are a great way to inform customers of your goods and services. The great thing about brochures is their ability to show a good amount of information in a relatively small space. In six panels you will be able to communicate all the essentials you would have had in conversation with a client. This is another material that can be stores in those handy presentation folders.

Flier Beatles


Direct mail postcards and fliers are more likely to reach customers than digital means. There is more of a certainty in a physical address than a digital address, plus people always check their mail. With their economical size, you can feature a lot of essential information on these cards. If you offer discounts in an eye-catching way, people are even more likely to take a look at what you offer. The possibilities with direct mailers are nearly endless!

Physical marketing materials are just one of the ways you can show customers that you are a forward-thinking, professional company. The more you expose people to your name and iconography, the more they will remember you for the future. It is incredibly important for a small business owner like yourself to invest in the future. Small actions like exchanging a business card or writing someone a letter add up to the larger image of your company’s success.