Our Guide To All Types Of Internet Marketing

August 8, 2019 By

We make it a point to make all our clients aware of the myriad of ways they can reach potential new customers. In 2019, the internet has made it possible to keep costs low while gathering more leads than ever before! Each type of internet marketing utilizes different strategies and we are here to give you a little taste of each one of them.


In a nutshell, social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to secure your online presence as a business. Creating social media profiles is entirely free. Organic social media marketing allows you to engage with real people in genuine ways by replying on twitter or shouting customers out in Instagram. Make the effort to interact with people and it can give people that little push to take a look at your business’s profile. The alternative to this is paid social media marketing which allows you to promote your business through ads. Though not free, this method is very effective.


The first place potential customers will go to find you is the internet. More specifically, Google. Optimizing your web presence will increase your search engine rankings and allow people to find you more easily. You can do this by filling the blanks in the back end of your website. This means you will input keywords Google’s crawl bots will associate with your site, making all pages compatible with Google’s search options, and producing content that fits those guidelines.


An active site is a successful site. If you create your social media profiles or website and just let it sit, you are forfeiting an incredibly powerful tool. There should always be something going on with your business. This includes but is not limited to:

  • blog posts (like this one)
  • shareable videos
  • reports/studies
  • infographics
  • ebooks
  • podcasts
  • webinars

Keeping active on the web shows customers that you are ready to engage and connect with them. Content on your site also leads people to take a look at your business if, for example, they input a search query related to your site’s content. 


Influencers are very prominent and becoming more relevant every single day. An influencer can be a celebrity, a social media personality, an industry expert, or anybody else you feel can communicate your message to their large following. Working with influencers allows you to promote your business while targeting a niche audience through a figure with credibility. In fact, social media personalities tend to be more effective than mainstream celebrities due to their connection with their dedicated following. In the past, only big name brands could do this but now smaller businesses can work with influencers of their choosing.


Also known as referral marketing allows you to work with external websites/individuals to drive traffic to your site/social media. External sources can link your business’s social media or website as a way to direct users to you. Your business would then compensate the external source based on the amount of clicks or engagements they generate. There are many affiliate programs out there that specialize in this!


Email marketing involves a few steps in order to execute a campaign. The good news is, once you’ve sent out one campaign the next one will be much easier to set up and send out. First, you will need to gather emails from potential clientele in a creative way. Next, you will need to register with an email campaign site. You, then, create your campaign and, lastly, send it out. Perhaps the most difficult part is when you gather the emails. There are many ways you can do this in an automated way right on your site! You should also know that email marketing has a 122% return of investment! Trust us, it’s worth it in the end.


When someone thinks of internet marketing, paid advertising is likely the method they will think of. You can place your ads practically anywhere on the internet. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google are just a few of the platforms you can choose your ads to appear. Advertisers will pay a fee each time a user clicks their ads. This is often referred to as “pay per click”. There are a few others ways advertisers are charged.

  • CPM – cost per thousand impressions, you will be charged each time your ad hits 1000 views
  • CPV – cost per view, you will be charged for each view
  • CPA – cost per action, you will charged for each action users take on your ads

We encourage you to try any of the above methods of internet marketing – we encourage you to even try all of them if you can! We specialize in all forms of internet marketing outlined above so if this seems a little overwhelming, we can help. Do not hesitate to call us and we will evaluate your current marketing plan.