SEO Tips You Can Implement on Your Site Right Now

August 14, 2019 By

The internet is making it easier and easier for small businesses to reach people. With a good website and some Call-to-Action, it’s possible for anyone to become your customer! The tricky part is getting people to come to your website in the first place. This all depends on your website’s SEO – search engine optimization. This is critical for leads to come out of your site! If you want to know a little more background info on SEO, check out our blog post on SEO and why it’s so important for your business. Come back to this post once you have read our take on SEO, and learn some tips you can use right now!

Tip 1: Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

The first thing you should do is check how your site runs on mobile devices like phones or tablets. Sometimes sites can run at different speeds depending on the device. People who use phones more than their computer have different habits and are likely used to a faster flow. If your site experiences delays, that could be the difference between gaining a lead and losing one.

Tip 2: Write For People, Optimize for Machines

Google works through algorithms to sift and search through the billions of bits of data out there. For this reason, you should make your site compatible with Google’s system. That’s not to say you should abuse the system. When you create web content, write for your future consumers. The whole purpose you write content is to connect with other people. The algorithmic part of it exists to get your content to those people.

Tip 3: Take a Look at the Traffic You Have Now

Half the battle in increasing your SEO is looking at your current web traffic. First, focus on the pages that seem to have the most traffic. Are they similar in subject matter, length, or keywords? You can then think about new content that mirrors your most successful pages.

Tip 4: User Experience Makes Users Stay!

Your user experience is becoming more and more important as a factor of SEO. A frustrating web experience will lead people to find a new site. A good way to check the effectiveness of your user experience design is to analyze your bounce rate. That is the amount of visitors who leave the site after viewing one page. If your page is not engaging, your users likely won’t stay long enough to read your content or engage with you as a potential customer. The design matters more than you think!

Tip 5: Combine Social Media and SEO

Your social media contributes to your web presence as much as your website does. Platforms like YouTube and Pinterest have become integral visual search engines while Twitter and Facebook are often used for current news. It is a great idea for you to utilize these social media to give your brand a voice and make your online presence more dense.

Sometimes it seems to easy – set up and website and let it run, then you get leads, right? A big part of internet marketing is working from the back end and seeing what works for your brand. That’s why SEO is so important! Putting the effort to maintain your social media, analyze your statistics, and periodically test your site will make a world of difference in your business.

We specialize in all methods of Search Engine Optimization outlined above and more! If this seems a little overwhelming, we can help. Do not hesitate to call us and we can start by evaluating your current marketing plan today.