5 Of Our Best Tips On Email Marketing For The Summer

June 28, 2019 By

Now that Summer is finally here, it’s time to spruce up your marketing to match the sunny season! There are lots of things you can do to make your materials seem more “summery” and integrating that feeling throughout your emails is one of the easiest way to get a jump start.


The Summer months comes with lots of bright colors and outdoor play. Your emails for the summer should reflect that. You can integrate this motif in your subject lines or through the images in the body of the email. Even if you have a set color palette for your company, you can adjust those colors to match the bright reds and oranges of summer!


Just having a summer theme may not be enough. You should have the content of the email reflect the season. You can give tips to your readers – this gives them a break from the idea that they are being advertised to. Instead, they can read a fun tip every once in a while, about sunscreen or the beach or fun places to visit. If your business is flexible enough to offer Summer promotions, you can turn that into one of your tips.


Show some Summer love by giving away free things. You can put a little CTA in your emails that gives users incentive to visit your website to receive a little something. These can be as simple as flip-flops or a tote bag with your company’s logo on it. Plus, it can’t hurt to have your logo being spread out and about.


Since the Summer is a great time of relaxation for students, you can host a contest to engage more young potential customers. We have another blog post about contest marketing examples you should definitely try out.


Even if you have a mailing schedule, you can try deviating from it and sending a few more emails or printed mailing materials. These extra emails should be something different than the ones you typically send throughout the year. Remember to make it special! Summer is a time of freedom and fun – make the most of it!