5 of the Many Benefits of Working Remotely

August 18, 2018 By

A decade ago, working from home was not a common practice. Now, with the millennial shift in the workforce, working from your own space is not only more common, but it is more beneficial for you and your business as a whole!

1. Increased Productivity

With productivity costs at an all time high, large and small businesses alike are searching for ways to get rid of distractions in the traditional office environment. Telecommuting eliminates all office distractions like gossip, drama, and face-to-face disagreement. With employees on their own schedule, they don’t have to worry about the physical commute and can sit down when they feel they can complete the most work.

2. Better for Health and Environment

The physical commute has many drawbacks including gas emissions. Increasing remote employee activity would help your company go green and eliminate one of your employees’ reasons for stressing.

3. Keeping Older Generations

More and more people over the age of 65 either do not have enough funds or prefer to keep busy – either way, there is a large untapped workforce available. With employees working remotely, this allows flexibility for that older generation to contribute to your  business without the commute.

4. Decreasing Costs

With employees’ ability to telecommute, you don’t have to worry about traditional office costs like rent or technology because all employees would be required to have their own technology. You also don’t have to worry about office maintenance.

5. Decreasing Turnover

The cost of a new employee can be almost $4,000 depending on their role. The introduction of telecommuting can decrease this cost and even eliminate it completely. Telecommunicating employees are more likely to work overtime which can cover the work that a new employee would have needed to do in a traditional office.

Your employees will also understand that if the volume of work they submit is not up to par, they will be let go. There is more accountability and less excuse.

While some may consider this a millennial trend, others are harnessing the benefits of telecommuting and benefitting greatly. If you have ever considered this method, try putting it into practice with a few employees and see the results. Experiment with the numbers. Imagine new possibilities.