Our Top 5 Reasons why Maintaining Social Media for Your Business So Important

August 21, 2018 By

Social media has been around for quite some time and in the past few years it has become a company staple to have a social media presence. No longer can your business survive on a website alone – you need multiple outlets to catch those leads or your company will get buried under the millions of websites out there. Need we say more? Here are our 5 top reasons you should get started with social media right now.

1. Boosts the Clicks on your Site

Social media content is the perfect way for people to find your company and to take a peek at your site. As you add more and more content on all of your social media platforms, there will be a higher outreach to potential customers. It can even give you a better SEO – also known as ‘Search Engine Optimization”. The key is to post consistently and with content variation.

2. The Perfect Opportunity to Emphasize Your Brand Identity

Brand Identity is everything to a business – especially a new business. Cohesiveness in brand identity inspires trust among your clients and what better way to emphasize that than in social media? Consistency can be maintained through tone, imagery, logos, company values, etc. if you would like to learn more about brand identity, check out our article: How To Build A Solid Brand Identity.

3. There are No Cheaper or Easier Methods

Social media is one of the most level playing fields in marketing. Anybody can create a social media account for free and use it for whatever they wish. Once you figure out a posting schedule that works for you, then you can get as creative as you want. The only rules to follow are to stay true to your company and post, post, post!

4. Ad Targeting and Retargeting

A unique feature for social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram is that they show users ads tailored to their likes and tastes. This means if you decide to get into social media advertisements, you will only reach those who show interest in your company’s goods or services. There is no wasted outreach and this is called inbound marketing.

5. Social Media marketing is Fun!

As previously mentioned, once you figure out a schedule that works for you, you can post all you want. When you and your team start to get the hang of social media posting, you can take advantage of posting tools. You will soon find that not only is social media marketing fun – it will soon be reflected in your numbers! You can measure progress through likes, followers, or clicks to your site!

Keep in mind, it may take time to gain large traction but you are sure to soon see the return of investment after you start seriously utilizing social media.