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We are a New York metropolitan marketing agency specializing in implementing unique strategies that successfully grow your business. With over 20 years of award winning experience, we help our clients acquire and retain customers via email, websites, search engines, online advertising and many other emerging marketing channels.

Website Development

Do you have an old website that is really outdated and needs to be more relevant, responsive and optimized? We can help you out! We can also develop your first website and make it responsive and optimized. We can also help write your content.

Social Media Development and Maintenance

It is crucial to have a solid presence on social media these days. We can develop all your social media accounts, gain likes, implement successful advertising opportunities and maintain your accounts regularly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We understand how frustrating it can be to have a website that does not rank high on searches. Competition is fierce and we can help get you the visibility you need online to have a much stronger presence.

Email and Text Message Marketing

We can develop beautiful email marketing campaigns to maintain contact with your customers and reach a whole new audience. We also can implement text message marketing into your marketing plan. Essentially, we can implement both without being too pushy or annoying.

Print Collateral

Having great quality printed marketing materials will increase your brand and help you reach a wider audience. At Unique Marketing Services, we can develop anything you need printed. If it can be printed on, we can design it while maintaining your brand identity.

Video Production and Photography

We can produce beautiful cinematic videos to enhance your visibility online and grow your social media audiences. We remain on the cutting edge of technology which is why we offer you video production and photography services, to keep your brand in tack.

Stunning. Responsive. Optimized.

We can migrate your old website or develop a brand new responsive and optimized website.

Our Latest Projects

Awesome projects produced with a lot of love and succesful marketing strategies

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AmeriBuilt Website Developement

Branding, Digital
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Red Carpet Home Sales Fliers

Digital, Print
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GG’s Clean Treats eCommerce Website Development

Branding, Digital
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The Bimmer Shop Website Development

Branding, Digital
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Westwood Chamber of Commerce Website Development

Branding, Digital
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KML Consultants Website Development

Branding, Digital

Our Standards Are Set High

We know that a solid marketing plan makes all the difference with gaining more business.

We Get It

We understand the daily pressure of running a business while trying to grow it at the same time. And we know that every element that pertains to your business should be solid and represent your company seamlessly.

We Work With Your Budget

We meet a lot of small business owners who do not see the value in having a solid brand identity or online presence. That’s why we will work with your budget to get things developed professionally and accurately. Always, keeping in mind that we can increase your marketing plan as your business continues to grow.

We Are Always Transparent

Everything we do for you, resides under your rightful ownership. We never charge you any additional fees for hosting, domains, SSL certificates, printing charges, et.. The list goes on and on. You pay us for our time. The rest is all billed directly to you under your rightful ownership. As it should be.

Unlimited Marketing Solutions

Email Campaigns. Printed Materials. Optimization. Reviews. Text Message Marketing. Advertising. And much more.

Our Company Advantages

We bring exceptional marketing solutions to you

Our Core Values

We believe every business needs a solid marketing plan. Not just winging it and putting in place a small budget on Yelp or Home Advisor, etc.. So we work smartly to implement the best marketing solutions based on your budget.

Marketing Plans

We start by discussing what you have in place, what you’ve tried and what you’re looking to accomplish. From there, we put together a plan to execute your needs and make sure we are all on the same page.

Brand Identity

We start with developing or redeveloping your company logo, and apply it to your website, printed materials (including stationary) and social media presence. From there, we work off what is outlined in the marketing plan and implement everything based on your brand identity.

Ongoing Support and Optimization

Once we have developed a solid platform, we can continue to support your marketing efforts with printed materials, optimization, social media updates and much much more.

Why Choose Us?

Marketing is something every business needs. Not just the bigger companies. In fact, it’s the smaller companies that need a solid marketing plan more than the already established and well recognized brands. That’s why we’ve made it affordable so that every business can truly grow.

When we come on board, we dedicate 100% of all our efforts to market your business so your company can thrive. We want you to be succesful and grow, that is why we are here. To help get you there.

Since we are so eager for your business to thrive and succeed, we make sure we outline every expense and obtain your approval before we do anything. So you can rest assured that you will never get a surprise bill from us.

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