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With years of marketing and creative experience, we can boast of working on high-profile accounts such as Panasonic and IBM.


We strive for creative excellence, no matter what we are trying to sell.


We feel reliability and dependability are imperative. We set high priority on being up-front and on-time with everything we do.

Carabin Eye Care Services Overview

We developed this video for Carabin Eye Care. This video was used for their website and social media accounts.

Jacobsen Landscape Design and Construction Overview

We developed this video overview for Jacobsen Landscape Design and Construction. This video was used for marketing purposes on social media and will be implemented on their website.

Flex Physical Therapy Photo Shoot

We took photos of the Flex Physical Therapy crew in action. These photos were used for the website, social media and other marketing collateral.

Upper Saddle River Offices Photo Shoot

We took photos of the Upper Saddle River Office building and a few rooms that were available to rent. We also included photos of the mailroom, and conference rooms. These

Jacobsen Services Photo Shoot

We took these photos of work that the Jacobsen crew has done. They maintained the lawn, installed all the plants and flowers and installed the stone work around the pool.

Jacobsen Flower Install Photo Shoot

We took these photos of flowers and shrubs that the Jacobsen crew installed. These images were used for marketing materials such as website, social media and printed collateral. A brief

Jacobsen Design Center Photo Shoot

We took these photos at the Jacobsen Landscape Design and Construction center. These images were used for marketing materials such as website, social media and printed collateral. A brief overview

Carabin Eye Care Photo Shoot

We took these photos of the office and Dr. Carabin. These images were used for marketing materials such as website, social media and printed collateral.


When I saw the quality of my friend’s website, marketing materials and social media presence and I knew that Unique Marketing Services was the right marketing company for me. Since hiring them, they have provided excellent value-based service with creativity and professionalism that far exceeds the cost of their services.
Sandy really cares about the small business owner. She listens and develops ideas to promote and market your business in an affordable way.
Paul Baker
We had a complicated rush job on a full-color brochure that needed to be turned around in less than 48 hours, and Sandy delivered without any complications. I’d highly recommend Unique Marketing Services to anyone. They have our vote!


3 New Online Marketing Trends That Can’t Be Ignored

Online marketing is constantly evolving and providing you with new ways to attract your target audience and convert them into new leads.

While there are a bunch of online marketing strategies such as email marketing and search engine optimization, there are a bunch of new trends which shouldn’t be ignored. Below are three that will be trending big time this year and where you will find new leads.

1. Live Video Streaming

There are a bunch of platforms like Facebook Live and Instagram Live Video which allow you to reach your customer audience in a way that is very personal. Since there is no way to edit live video, your audience will get a good feel of the real you. The opportunities here are endless.

Get a leap on this technique so you can perfect it and really grow your audience and client leads.

2. Micro-Influencer Strategies

A micro-influencer can deliver the highest return when compared to other online marketing strategies. Some brands have built multimillion dollar companies using influencer marketing solely.

Since the past couple of years, the cost for micro-influencers has tripled to secure services of highly desirable influencers. Keep in mind that not every brand can afford six figures to secure an influencer.

Finding a micro-influencer who has followers that align with your brand will deliver outstanding results. They are affordable and their interaction is real and allows their audience to connect better.

I recommend you work with smaller more affordable micro-influencers before you splurge on that six figure influencer.

3. Paid Social Media Campaigns

At this point you would hope that everyone knows that social media organic reach is pretty much long gone. Companies like Facebook and Instagram make a boat load of money by making people pay to reach a wider audience.

Paid social media outreach is an ideal way to reach a wider audience and you can do so without breaking your wallet.

I recommend you start small and learn how to run a few successful ads. From there, you can push really big campaigns and make a much bigger impact.

However all these strategies will make a great impact in your marketing efforts.