The Easiest Way to Understand What ‘Backlinks’ Are

December 31, 2018 By

If you have a website for a company or even for yourself, then understanding the nature of backlinks is crucial to your site’s success (especially if you’re trying to up your website’s SEO).

What is it?

In short, a backlink is when another site mentions your website and offers users the option to end up on your site. Think of this as a type of endorsement.

The internet keeps track of how many sites mention yours and, over time, the more backlinks occur, the easier people will find your site.

Who Benefits?

If more people mention and use your site, search engines will consider it more relevant to the content you put out. Getting those endorsements from other pages can sometimes be equally important to maintaining your own.

The key is to make connections with quality pages over a higher quantity. If a page that mentions you has really high credibility, that same credibility will reflect positively on you. In turn, if a page does not have very high credibility, it will not have as much of an effect.

Backlinks are also able to help users find credible information. Search engines are able to put together a collection of links that have similar types of information and, thus, creating a network of backlinks that may lead them to your site.

How Can I Build Backlinks?

Link Building is critical for anybody trying to maximize their SEO. Some of the best ways to up your backlink game is through a few strong quality connections over a large number of weak connections. If you are able to connect with others and guest blog, put out original research, maintain relationships with influencers, or reclaim links, you can get the endorsement you need to boost your ranking and become truly successful in the SEO world.