Helpful Tips for Writing Successful Content on Your Website

January 5, 2019 By

If your blog posts aren’t getting as much attention as you had hoped, it might not be your fault. We’ll cut to the chase – writing web content is very different from writing printed content and people are trained to write printed content like essays and papers all their lives. The digital format of your blog posts can be a drawback but if you understand the medium it can be a massive pro for your business’s website.

Here are out best tips to changing the way you write web content for the better:

Understand That Your Readers Are Sniffing for Information

Most of the time when readers go to your site, they aren’t looking for a nice read. They want information for what products/services to buy or how to fix a problem. If they don’t find the info right away, they will find a new site. If they do navigate to the right page, it is highly likely that they will skim over what you write until they find exactly what they need.

The Most Important Info Comes First

Because readers are coming in knowing exactly what they want, you will have to put the most important information at the top of your posts. This is the opposite of what schools tell you to do in essay writing. You will have to format it like an inverted pyramid:

  1. The conclusion (the most important take-away)
  2. The overview (background info and other small conclusions)
  3. The discussion (the details)

Help Readers Scan

Short and choppy writing is the best way to help your readers skim for what they need. Cleverness means readers have to think outside of their task so simplicity is the way to go. Go through these checkpoints to make sure your page is “scan-able”:

  1. A straightforward headline
  2. A sales message in the image caption
  3. Sub-headlines matching the key points
  4. Scan-able bullet points

Use Familiar Wording

Rather than using sophisticated and cumbersome language, use common wording. These are called care words which don’t embellish the action.

Help Lazy People

Make it effortless to read and understand your post by:

  1. Using short paragraphs
  2. Using short sentences
  3. Skipping unnecessary words
  4. Avoid passive tense
  5. Avoid repetition
  6. Use the word “you”
  7. Shorten the text

There is no one answer for how short your web copy should be. Make it as short as possible without losing the meaning of the whole thing.

Each Page Should Be an Entry Page

The internet doesn’t have a front door to your site. A reader can enter on any page so you should make each page easy to navigate and scan. You should tell people where they are and have CTA’s that entice them to engage with your site.

Raise Your SEO

SEO stands for search-engine optimization. If you have a higher SEO, then people are more likely to find you on search engines. In short, this is a way for you to tell people on search engines what your site is and how it can help them.

Prioritize Visuals

Web design can be even more important than the content of your site because it’s the first impression readers get. Increase visual appeal of your content by:

  1. Using photos instead of text
  2. Playing with font size
  3. Playing with highlights, bold, italics, etc,
  4. Emphasizing quotes
  5. Using sub-heads
  6. Using bullet points

Use your visuals to make your copy even more scan-able.

The hard truth is your readers will not take from your article as much as you’re putting in. You will have to work smarter instead of harder to hang onto those readers. If you want to write content for your site and don’t know where to start, hire one of our content-writers! We can help implement these tips into your blog and keep the clicks coming. Happy writing.