Drones and Commercial Shoots

March 15, 2018 By

Sometimes UMS clients want something different. They want a wow factor added to their commercial. A videographer could rely on lighting effects, smoke machines, or even gimbals for trick shots, but if they are shooting a commercial outdoors then the DJI Mavic Pro just works.

Portability is the Mavic Pro’s best feature. A professional can literally stick the remote in their coat pocket and place the drone in a small yet stylish portable bag they sell online. Using their iPhone or an iPad, one can view all their beautiful shots in real-time. They can even review their footage to ensure they captured perfection. With two batteries, at 25 -27 minutes per battery, you can get through every shoot without any issues.

This affordable magic flying machine has a powerful camera that lets you shoot in 4K and crop it down to 1080p in post-production. This allows for crisp images and does not degrade any footage if an editor chooses to zoom in on something they like during post.

The aerial shots one gets with a cinematic filter attached to the lens are breathtaking. From spirals to dolly zooms, this little device packs a powerful punch and replaces tons of heavy-expensive equipment. It has many built-in tricks as well, such as Track, Orbit, Focus, and Waypoint. Even though most do not mess with these features a whole lot, at least there are options to do so.

Drones tend to be a little loud so if you are recording sound, expect that to be a negative. There are also locations where the drone will not take off due to nearby airports. If you want to get some footage of the exterior of a house, and you are in a restricted zone, you are out of luck.

If a drone is not part of your gear, then wake up, because you are missing out. The DJI Mavic Pro is a must have for any serious videographer.