The Benefits of 3 Point Lighting

June 2, 2018 By

Why 3 Point Lighting is Imperative

Unique Marketing Service clients often request an interview style video for their Website. This usually involves our clients speaking about their backgrounds, expertise, and their services.

When filming a subject, lighting makes all the difference. Three-point lighting is used to light a subject from three different light sources and angles. This is done in order to manipulate shadows, create contrast, and boost the overall quality of the footage that is captured.

Three Light Sources:

  • Key light: This is your main light source. Shine your key light directly on a subject from the front right or front left.
  • Fill light: The fill light is a softer light used to fill in the rest of your subjects face. Position this light on the opposite side of a subject to create balance and contrast with the key light.
  • Back light or Rim light: Position this light high above or slightly behind the subject to create a shine on the top or back of their hair. This light also separates the subject from the background to provide a sense of depth.