Marketing Contests You Can Use To Generate Leads

February 14, 2019 By

With decreasing attention spans, generating leads is getting harder. For example, people don’t interact with ads… let alone engage with the pop-up ads for eBooks. This old way of generating leads is outdated and people are immune to it. There must be a way to stand out.

There’s an alternative – Contest Marketing.

Here are our best examples:


  1. Halloween contests can make the most of spooky season by offering a bundle of movies, popcorn, Halloween candy, and costumes! It makes the perfect Halloween movie night that people will sign up for immediately.
  2. An Easter egg hunt contest is the perfect way to lead customers hunting through their email, your website, and other places around the internet. You can ask people to hunt for info throughout your blog, leave click-able graphics, or whatever you choose. At the end, you can offer a prize like a gift card, bundle, or kitchen appliance.
  3. Birthday contests are great for celebrating your company’s birthday. Your competitors won’t have any events like this around the same time. You can offer deals and coupons via email and even put your own twist on it.


  1. Preference Polls for products like kitchen designs or baby products let you know exactly what consumers like to see and also give them a chance to win that prize.
  2. You can use a Date Night poll to ask people what they would like this Valentine’s day. You can offer tickets, gift certificates, jewelry, or anything else related to your business.
  3. Father’s Day polls can offer tools or barbecue materials too.


  1. Vacations are always a fun giveaway to host because who doesn’t like to travel? The downside of these is they don’t necessarily narrow your audience down unless you are in the travel industry.
  2. Dinner vouchers are another great giveaway if you want to highlight a certain restaurant, this would be the best way.
  3. If you’re not feeling dinner, give away a gym membership instead.
  4. A very unique giveaway is authorship which allows writers to receive an author scholarship.


  1. A pet quiz is a great way to gather information about prospects and let users have a little fun.
  2. A quiz for the prize of an amazon gift card is a classic incentive often used by colleges to get users interacting with your site.
  3. A holiday dinner party quiz can be conveyed with just images and a bit of text to reveal to users what kind of host they are.

There are so many ways to get consumers interacting with your business that lets them have a bit of fun. All the while, you get more information about them and they may get a little prize out of it. It’s a win-win!

Don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative with the ways you interact with your customers. Stay tuned for more marketing tips!