Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I redevelop my website if the site I already have isn’t doing anything for my business?

If your website isn’t increasing your business, then that’s exactly why you should consider redeveloping it. It could be a number of reasons why your website isn’t working for you. At minimum, your website should be user-friendly, responsive and optimized to gain more visibility and increase your business. However, we can assess your website and see what we can do to get you where you need to be.

2. Why do I need a website if I advertise on Yelp, Angie’s List or Home Advisor?

If you’re advertising your business, then you should definitely have a website which showcases your work, testimonials and tells potential customers or clients more about your services. For example, if a potential customer finds you on Home Advisor and wants to do a complete home renovation for $75k-$150k then having a website which showcases all your work, will most likely help you close on those leads. However, when you don’t have a website and are trying to close on such a big lead, it’s hard to just show a potential customer pictures on your phone. Having a proper website which highlights your brand shows the professionalism leads are looking for. And it shows you care about every aspect of your business.

3. How can I get my website to rank number one on Google without paying to advertise?

Best way to do that is to optimize your website. This process takes a minimum of 9 months to a year, but the results are outstanding.

4. How much money should I invest monthly in marketing and advertising my business to get a good return on investment (ROI)?

We have seen clients spend as little as $20 a month on advertising. It really all depends on your target audience and services. We would need to discuss your needs to make the best assessment for you.

5. Can you develop an eCommerce site and get my items to sell on Amazon?

Absolutely! We can even assist with writing your content, taking photos, developing videos and everything else, so you can rank highest on Amazon and start getting some extraordinary sales.

6. What are your thoughts about including a direct mailer in my marketing plan?

Casting a wide net in your marketing plan can be a great idea. It really all depends on who your target audience is. We love to print and having something in hand is always a great idea as part of your marketing efforts. We would need to discuss this in more detail to make the best decision or you. But yes, a great idea all around.

Still have more questions we can help answer? Get in touch with us.