How Can People Find Your Site?

December 15, 2018 By

It is mind-boggling how customers can find their way to your website when a Google search of the phrase “business solutions” generates 2.7 Billion results in under a second. in all those results how can yours come out on top? The best way for us to answer this question is to explain how Google searches work.

Google follows three steps to give searchers the results they are looking for.


Google uses the term crawling to explain the process of their “Googlebot” constantly determining what websites exist – that includes your own! There is no official list of all web pages, but Google has an easier time crawling a website when site owners submit a sitemap. This is a list of pages used when a site is very large, new, or uses rich media content.


The next step is called indexing where Google tries to comprehend what the page is about and catalogs different media. It then stores the data in the Google Index. You can make this process easier by using to-the-point titles, page headings, and text more than images.


This is the part people are most familiar with – Google searches! When users make their search, Google delivers the most relevant results and ranks them based on user factors. This can range from location, language, device, and more. You can make your page rank higher in relevant searches by making your page quick to load, up to date, and optimized.

We hope this broadens your understanding on how search engines like Google work. If you want to learn more about how people can more easily find your business’s website, check out our blog post on Search Engine Optimization!