5 Tips for a Successful Direct Mailer

October 16, 2018 By

Despite the modern affinity to digital marketing, direct mail is a very underrated form of reaching potential customers. Marketing is not just limited to print media or digital media – a good company makes use of both platforms just enough to reach the most responsive audience possible. Here are our 5 best tips for creating a successful direct mailing campaign.

Know Your Target Audience

The first step to any campaign is knowing who you are trying to reach. Do extensive research on the type of person your company is meant for. Some specific categories include:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Education level
  • Income level
  • Marital status
  • Occupation
  • Religion
  • Average size of family
  • Etc

The possibilities are virtually endless. The more categories you can specify, the better your campaign will target the right customers. Within those customers you can refine your audience even more as the campaign grows.

Make it Eye-catching

The average American home gets so many advertisements via mail every day that they don’t even bother reading most of it! The stakes are high and attention spans are low; It is more important than ever that you hook your customers in with a good headline. Write down as many potential headlines as you can think of and choose one only after you feel you have exhausted all possibilities.

Make it Personal

Just like business cards, direct mail is the more physical, more personal. Here is where the emphasis on target audience comes in: if you are marketing to other companies, choose a professional design to help reflect that. If you are marketing to, say, mothers at home consider more personal typography such as handwriting for the outside of the envelope. Use creative design to keep your direct mail out of the “spam” pile.

Put a Follow up Sequence in Place

Where most companies go wrong is sending one mailer and stopping. Mere-exposure effect says that the more people see something, the more they are inclined to like it. In a direct mail campaign this means you should send three or more mailers pitching your best goods or services. Not every mailer should be identical – refer to past postcards to let your audience know that you are aware they have received past mailers. Do not stop sending these to your target audience – everybody is a potential customer until they request removal from your list.

Let the Campaign Run Itself!

The best part about direct mail campaigns is that you can have the work done for you! Once finalizing all campaign technicalities all you have to do is send the info over to direct mail fulfillment and printers to get the job done. There, they take care of all the physical printing and stamping. You can increase or decrease sent mail based on the response you receive.

Direct mail campaigns have a great return of investment for anybody willing to put in the early work. Be sure to revisit previous steps to refine the campaign throughout the process. Your campaign is never truly “finished” so make note of what works and what doesn’t so you can reach the customers that truly matte