Discover How To Get Quality Images Using a Prime Lens

August 22, 2018 By

Quality Images Using a Prime Lens

A prime lens provides sharper images than a zoom lens. Image sharpness using prime lenses are a result of not having extra glass inside the lens in order to zoom in on a object. When using a prime lens, your distance is fixed and instead of zooming in on an object, you physically need to move closer to frame your shot accordingly. The end results with a prime lens compared to that of a zoom lens are higher quality images and less diffraction. We at Unique Marketing Services use prime lenses on many of our shoots and below are reasons why we feel they are great for client work:

  1. Also known as bokeh, prime lenses help to create shallow depths of field and a greater background blur.
  2. Prime lenses tend to have larger apertures that gather more light and provide clearer images.
  3. With less moving parts, prime lenses are less likely to break.
  4. Prime lenses cost less than zoom lenses.
  5. When portability is important and prime lenses are small and easy to transport.

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