How To Market Your Business With A Personal Touch

June 16, 2019 By

There is no doubt that marketing is necessary. In order for you to get your name out there and start growing, there needs to be a way for people to find you! In simpler times, businesses used to be able to set up shop in a town square and wait for word of mouth to get around. Suddenly, they would have customers from all over town!

Times have changed. When people think of modern marketing they think of huge billboards and commercials … this doesn’t have to be the case! If we start to think like the townspeople of older times, suddenly, marketing doesn’t have to be so expensive! Let’s break it down for you.


Business cards are essential for you and your business. Though we are in a digital age, printed marketing materials continue to be a successful way to reach people. Your career is a talking point for you and a potential client. The business cards serves as a physical reminder of you and your company. Real human interaction leaves more of an impression than a digital interaction. When you can, be sure to make human connections and give out your business cards.


Collaborating with others is an incredibly effective way to show your passion for growth. Like we said, making those human connections is one of the best ways to leave an impression. We suggest working with other local businesses that have a similar audience to you. You can set up a referral program, do package deals, or hosting contests! There are infinite ways you can collaborate with other businesses. Be creative!


Once people have your business card or hear about your business, the first place they will go is your website. Though some potential clients may seek out your brick and mortar store, it is more likely they will search you up on the internet. This is a stand-in for your storefront. For this reason, the first impression for many will be your website. You will want to make sure your site effectively represents you and your business. 


Adding more personal elements like pictures of you and your employees gives clients a reason to feel more connected with your business. You should keep your “Contact” and “About us” pages short and sweet but detailed enough to give customers a good idea of what you’re all about. You should also consider keeping a blog on the site. Here, you can draw people to your website through advice or news that is important to you.


If you are ever asked to be a guest on a panel or speak at an event, we encourage you to take the opportunity! This is a great way to connect with people who see you and hear what you have to say about your business. These are also great networking opportunities where you can find other driven people!

There are many ways for you to get your name out there without breaking the bank! More often than not, local business communities are very eager to help out fellow entrepreneurs. Sometimes, you just need to reach out and make those human connections. We encourage you to use a combination of these techniques to get your business off the ground and running. Always remember that you are the heart and soul of your company and that is what people want to see.